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The Story of Ola Réve

At Ola Réve we believe that jewellery should be of high quality and yet, affordable. Ensuring affordability means our customers can change up their jewellery depending on occasion, mood, day/night wear, without breaking the bank.

We want our customers to feel confident in knowing that the items they purchase are worth it.

Our jewellery is made from premium 316L stainless steel with PVD gold plating, which provides the assurance that they are durable and highly resistant to the elements. We want you to wear your jewellery for years to come without worrying about them discolouring or turning your skin green. While only solid gold is waterproof, the materials used in our pieces ensure its tolerance to water exposure is extremely high.

We handpick every item with the aim of meeting our goal - beautiful, high quality, affordable -  and with the hope that you’re sure to find something that feels like it was MADE FOR YOU.



Ola Réve was born from the need to find a creative outlet in a chaotic and hectic world.

Following a global pandemic, working within the incredible yet increasingly stressed health and social care system, doubled with some challenges in my personal life, I struggled to see the light from the trees. Each of you reading this will have been impacted in some way or many ways by the pandemic, crippling fear, anxiety, social isolation and losing loved ones, to name only a few. Many of us became so emersed in looking after others and in our work that we neglected our own health and wellbeing. By doing so much for others we lost some of ourselves.

That’s when I decided to do something for myself and make a dream come true. I focused and invested my time in something that encourages my creativity and brings a smile to my face and hopefully that of others.

Jewellery gives each of us the creative outlet to express ourselves, to forget about our worries and stresses, to escape in the beauty of pieces that are special and meaningful to us. My aim was to offer stunning pieces that are affordable without sacrificing quality. The materials used provide the assurance that each piece is durable, tarnish free and of excellent quality.

Each item has been handpicked with careful thought and consideration with the hope that you love the collection as much as I do and that it hopefully helps you smile on through the adversities you may face.

With Love

Emma xo

All feedback is extremely appreciated, from positive notes to helpful tips on how we can improve our service, please feel free to email 

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